OK, so what’s “The Combine”?

After posting on Wednesday that I had joined The Combine, the emails and questions started coming. First, thanks to everyone for your collective “Congratulations!” Second, the most common question I received was, “What’s The Combine?!?” Since KP Reddy & Hans Utz have put me in charge of marketing The Combine, I hope I can answer […]

Oh, How I Love a Good Startup

Lately, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to answer the question, “What’s your background?” In a word: startups. I didn’t intend it that way when I landed on the Presbyterian College campus. I was going to be an attorney. (don’t spit your drink everywhere) A few years and an MBA later, I got my first […]

The Top 10 Blog Posts from the First Week of 2017

TL;DR? Here’s the Twitter Moment. Or you can subscribe to the email here. The first week of 2017 was dominated by the announcement of a new Editor in Chief for our fellow tech pub, Hypepotamus! #1 – Meet Holly Beilin, Hype’s new EIC! If you want your startup connected to the rest of the Atlanta […]

Short Term Leases for Growing Atlanta Tech Startups

  Four years ago, David Cummings bought an aging Buckhead office building that was 30% leased, and turned it into the premier destination for tech entrepreneurs to start their businesses with flexible space, tons of benefits, amazing culture, and engineered serendipity to create meetings, conversations, and opportunities that would otherwise simply not happen. Atlanta Tech […]

The (first) Top 10 Blogs Report from Atlanta Tech Blogs

Every week, Atlanta Tech Blogs promotes hundreds of new blog posts – YOUR blog posts – to our audience of over 14,000 unique, opt-in individuals. Every week we will show you who really made waves with their posts. Since this issue is our very first “Top 10 Report”, we’ll start off by showing off your best […]

Introducing The Atlanta Tech Blogs Weekly Newsletter

Thank you for your support of Atlanta Tech Blogs these last two-and-a-half years! You’ve faithfully subscribed, unsubscribed, shared, opened, read, clicked, and deleted our Daily Digest faithfully for at least some of that time. A daily email can be powerful. And annoying. We get it. Your inbox is full! Subscriptions for our Daily Digest grew for […]

Reaching 10k Twitter Followers on $0 Budget

Thanks to all the followers who have just recently pushed us over that glorious vanity milestone of 10,000 followers on Twitter. Y’all rock. For anyone trying to build a following on Twitter (or any other social network), here’s how we got to this point in just over 2 years without spending any money. In the […]

What to name your Blog

Teaching digital marketing, WordPress, DGM Camp, and other related classes, and operating Atlanta Tech Blogs gives me the opportunity to talk to a lot of people about a lot of things. One of those things that comes up more often than most is this question about a blog: What should we call our blog? I always […]

Leaders add this ingredient to supercharge their team

Continuing from my post a couple of days ago about how Chick-fil-A decided on their definition of leadership, The Chicken also decided that they wanted to become a “team oriented organization.” From that edict (Mark Miller related that Dan Cathy literally walked into Mark’s office and said, “I want us to be a team oriented organization,” and […]

DGM Camp 2: Oct 31 – Nov 4 at ATV

And, we’re back. Finally! After earning an unprecedented net promoter score (NPS) of 100 the first time we ran the 5-day #martech marathon known as DGM Camp, we’re excited to run it again. DGM Camp 2 is taking place this fall in partnership with DigitalCrafts at Atlanta Tech Village. Even though the first running of […]