Southern Baklava

Looking for a different kind of “beta tester” (and there’s free food)

I hinted around one of my latest projects in the previous post, and now it’s time to reveal the project. This post is the beginning of our beta test of Southern Baklava, a specialty baked goods e-commerce business.

I mentioned Georgia’s Cottage Food program that allows home-based bakeries … Keep reading >>>

The Stars: Earned Content is a beautiful thing

Earned Content: Shoot For The Stars, and Create Content So Good Your Audience Shares It

Once you’ve created your “sun” content, around which everything else revolves and gets its energy, you create planets (blog posts) and moons (social media posts). When you do those things properly, and target the right audience, you’ll get the “stars.” What you’ve created is your “owned content”. You created … Keep reading >>>