Pitch Practice 02-28-2014

Huge group at Pitch Practice today, despite the lack of Startup Chowdown! Maybe the food trucks brought everyone over…

We pitched. We learned. We networked. That’s my favorite thing about Pitch Practice: you really never know who you’re going to meet or what kind of new business they’ll pitch.  We … Keep reading >>>

Pitch Practice 2-21-2013

Small but HOT Pitch Practice today. We pitched. We learned. We networked.

Caregiver Communications, Inc. – Mark Shekerow pitched this new care giver marketplace. Think Angie’s List with reviews and ratings for care givers and other services surrounding caregivers.

Calypso Wings – Folks, this is how you bring a pitch! … Keep reading >>>

Startup Lesson 11: You can

My daughter tried out for, and made, her school’s middle school soccer team.  She has only played 3 seasons of soccer, and those were in a fairly non-competitive church league, so she was very surprised to have made the team.  She didn’t think she could make it, but she really … Keep reading >>>