Startup Lesson 21: Change. is. hard.

So you’ve done your customer discovery. You’ve built your MVP. You’ve got some prospects lined up who said they’d move from prospects to customers.  You’re ready. Let’s do this!

Now remember what you set out to do: change the way your prospects overcame a problem in their business.  What’s the … Keep reading >>>

Startup Lesson 19: Just get to work

Startups are fun, and startups are hard. Getting through the hard parts – ups, downs, yes, no, rejection, an invoice, first customer, lost customer – is what makes it fun. You look back and wonder how you survived sometimes!  Any startup can be all-consuming.  And that’s just building the startup, … Keep reading >>>

Pitch Practice 03-14-2014

Figures. The last day we use the small-ish conference room on the 4th floor at Atlanta Tech Village is the day we get the biggest crowd of the year at Pitch Practice.

This Friday, we will enjoy the large conference room on the brand spanking new first floor of the Village.Keep reading >>>