Attack of the Atlanta code schools!

The unemployment rate for a decent software developer in Atlanta is zero.  The demand for quality software developers is booming as Atlanta quickly becomes one of the top five tech startup cities in the US.  I have lived the scarcity of software development resources first hand over the past several … Keep reading >>>

Pitch Practice 5-23-2014

15 people enjoyed the Firehouse Subs at StartupChowdown and then stayed to enjoy a great session of Pitch Practice.  Here’s who pitched.

  • Better Charities – When you donate, we let you see where your money goes.  
  • Parkent Cycles – secure docking stations for your bike.
  • SafelyStay – put trust
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Atlanta's Tech Startup Blogs

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of Atlanta Tech Startup Blogs in alpha order.  Raise your hand if you’re not here.  Seriously, if you don’t see your favorite Atlanta Tech & Startup Blog listed, please tell me.  I’m personally blown away by the sheer number if high quality blogs from Atlanta. … Keep reading >>>

Pitch Practice 05-16-2014

After some frustration from about removing Pitch Practice from their service – half a dozen people gave me their condolences and lamented that I was “shutting down Pitch Practice – we had the biggest turnout ever.  Big na-na-na-boo-boo to, and thanks to Twitter, Blogger, and the ATV Facebook … Keep reading >>>