OK, I'll say it: I don't get Yik Yak

Yik Yak just raised $10M, just a very short time after raising $1.5M, just a very short time after they reached about 700k users on a pretty rapid growth clip.  But I don’t get it.  Obviously, I’m not nearly as smart as the average bear, but I don’t get it.… Keep reading >>>

Blogging: WHY?!?

BLOGWhy do you blog?  Why do you read other people’s blogs?  See if you can answer those two questions in 140 characters or fewer.  I have spoken to dozens of bloggers recently, and found some interesting and surprising responses.  As you can imagine, the responses differ between individual bloggers and … Keep reading >>>

Healthcare Ideas for Startups

In the lean tech startup world, we build everything on “solving a problem.”  Having just completed a fantastic 3-day/2-night stay at lovely Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, I found the following problems from the Primary Care Physician to the ER to the multiple day hospital stay which, if solved, could bring … Keep reading >>>