Ideas are a dime a million

Execution is where it’s at.  Yes, I get that, but I still have a million ideas, many of which I am not nearly qualified to execute. So, just because I know I will never, ever be able to do anything  about this idea, maybe someone will.  That said, chances are … Keep reading >>>

Atlanta Tech Blogs is not for Atlanta

It really is amazing what web analytics has done, and will continue to do, for operators and marketers of web sites and web apps.  Twitter thoroughly dominates our social media outlets for inbound traffic, sharing, and audience.  With almost 1,000 followers (yes, a pittance in the real world, but not … Keep reading >>>

Don't let it Uncle Fester

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to handle, manage, oversee, delegate, and otherwise deal with all situations in your organization. It’s especially important in a startup, where you likely have fewer than 10, maybe 5, employees, all of whom look to you for guidance and leadership.  It’s your job to … Keep reading >>>