The first rule of fight club



I debated  and struggled with whether to even write this post, but as my two kids finished up their 4-week stint at Cotillion, I realized that I need to write it.  In 4 very short weeks, my kids learned manners, etiquette, conversation, and generally how to introduce yourself … Keep reading >>>

The new way of thinking

I met with 2 very successful entrepreneurs this week.  With one, we discussed customer discovery, mainly how many startup entrepreneurs either don’t get it or just refuse to get it. With the second, we discussed digital marketing analytics.  Neither of these concepts was around when I started my first business … Keep reading >>>

Pitch Tips from Venture Atlanta 2014

I loved seeing the early stage presentations at Venture Atlanta this year.  The Georgia Aquarium is a superb facility, and the pitches were very good.  However, it is worth noting for all future presenters that there is always room for improvement.  Here’s a quick list of Pitch Tips from Venture … Keep reading >>>

Information Security Panel at #VenATL14

The official description of this panel from the Venture Atlanta web site is as follows:  This panel brings together world class experts on cyber security from four distinct perspectives: Military, Political, Entrepreneurial, and Investment.  We’ll cover both concerns and opportunities in the security industry that the technology-oriented audience can put Keep reading >>>