Find humor in EVERYTHING!

“I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.” – Buddy the Elf

Love that movie. Buddy is the quintessential optimist. Everything is good, and even when things are bad, they’re good really soon after that.  This attitude is how I try to work through every day, finding humor in everything. … Keep reading >>>

Make me a Match!

A former business partner turned serial entrepreneur is making some changes to his business, which is well over 5 years in the making.  He and his wife saw the LEED certification trend before it started, and they created an online training service just as LEED became popular.

During that … Keep reading >>>

Back to Blogger

Managing a WordPress site and writing in WordPress are two very different things.  I’ve enjoyed the simplicity and power of plugins managing Atlanta Tech Blogs using a simple, cheap WordPress framework with a dozen or so plugins.  It works.

But writing in WordPress isn’t cutting it for me.  That, among … Keep reading >>>