I don’t think anyone would argue with the phrase “cancer sucks.” It does. No question about it. However, in my case, so far, the cure is far worse than the disease.  Two years ago, when the doctor made the diagnosis, I had only one symptom, which I’ve described elsewhere (TMI), … Keep reading >>>

The Future of the Internet

Let’s play Point/Counterpoint here while the debate rages on “net neutrality”.  This debate has been raging for nearly a decade, and it’s coming to a head. The questions are:

  • What’s the right thing to do?
  • What will Congress do?

The answers to those two questions could very well be in … Keep reading >>>

An Objective 3rd Party

Have you ever tried to resolve a dispute between yourself and another person? Sometimes, if you have a solid relationship with that person, the two of you can work it out with some humility and a willingness to listen. But other times, the relationship has hit a few misunderstandings, a … Keep reading >>>