The Person Who Comes After You

In day two of my daughter’s school’s science trip to Jekyll Island, I learned how to seine, which is another way to say fish off the shore with a long net. The weather was perfect, the water freezing, and the waders very appropriate. As part of the equipment team (aka … Keep reading >>>

On Logistics

EDS ran a Superbowl commercial about herding cats. UPS made a commercial with a song about logistics. These two large corporations have built multi-billion dollar businesses around the expertise of logistics. But isn’t every business in the business of logistics? Here are a few examples.

  • In a software company,
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DGM2 Digital Demo Day

With only two sessions remaining before our Final Presentations in the Digital Marketing class at General Assembly, tonight we’ll be doing a rapid fire three hour review of the last 9 weeks. The final projects that the 18 future marketers have to complete consist of a full digital marketing strategy … Keep reading >>>

Rain Gear

I just returned from an overnight hiking/camping outing with my son’s Boy Scout Troop to somewhere in NE Alabama. Yesterday, everything was great: weather, timing, hike in, lunch on the trail. Then it started raining, and hasn’t stopped. The last hike we did was Blood Mountain on January 3, when … Keep reading >>>