Decision Makers

Tonight’s Boy Scout meeting was a planning meeting for our outing this weekend, during which we’ll hike 3-5 miles in, camp, eat, sleep, then hike 3-5 miles out the following day. I was never a scout (see previous post about playing soccer all day every day for a long time), … Keep reading >>>

Staying Sharp

Fantastic spring weather today got me outside with my two 13-year-olds for some backyard soccer. I played soccer competitively for 25 years, but haven’t played in some time, and after three knee surgeries, I probably shouldn’t, but I just can’t say no to my kids when they really want to … Keep reading >>>

Upcoming Speaking Events

Next week and the following week, I’m giving two talks at General Assembly’s newly opened campus at Ponce City Market. They have a fantastic new space in the renovated old building that’s prime for small and large group gatherings, and I’m excited to do these two talks in those new … Keep reading >>>