Buffer, Kabbage, and Suster agree: blog.

I preach every day that every company should blog, especially startups and small businesses with limited marketing budgets. Pushing your content out via your blog is the starting point for your entire digital marketing strategy, which encompasses your content marketing strategy. Blogging requires only your time, and your organized thoughts … Keep reading >>>

The soon-to-be entrepreneur

I had the opportunity to speak to a soon-to-be entrepreneur today. He was (probably still is) struggling with the what some might consider the ultimate decision in the entrepreneur’s life, and that is, when to make the jump.

He’s got a sweet job at a Fortune 100 company and is … Keep reading >>>

Following the Leader

There are a lot of posts, books, talks, speeches, classes, degrees, and other methods and modes of education completely dedicated to leadership. But what about being a follower? We don’t hear much about that, mainly because leadership is lauded, praised, desired, rewarded, and coveted. But when you have a leader,
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The Interview

When I’m not creating content (aka writing), I’m getting content from those who know it best: entrepreneurs. That’s the heart of the routine as your content creator & strategist. I ask you an open ended question, you tell me your entire story, which then becomes blog fodder for your content … Keep reading >>>