The DGM Camp Core Values


You can’t engage in digital marketing until you establish your brand. You can’t establish your brand until you articulate your core values. When you articulate your values – aka what you believe – you will attract people who believe what you believe, and those people are more likely to do … Keep reading >>>

An explainer video for DGM Camp

DGM Camp is all about educating marketers, or those who want to become marketers, in the foundations of marketing technology. To that end, we’ve created a simple, raw video that provides an accurate understanding of exactly what DGM Campers will be learning, and how the 5-day class will be organized.… Keep reading >>>

What is "MarTech"?

A solid definition of “martech” from is as follows:

Martech is the blending of marketing and technology. Virtually anyone involved with digital marketing is dealing with martech, since digital by its very nature is technologically-based.

I have no issues with this definition; however, for purposes of DGM Camp, … Keep reading >>>