Make this year new


I always enjoy the start of a new year. Technically, the only thing new is the last digit of the number in the year, but it’s still new, and in the business world, that means you can start with a fresh annual P&L. Well, the same applies to individuals, too. … Keep reading >>>

Standing Still


As we reached the summit of Blood Mountain today, we all dropped our backpacks, shed a layer or two, and relaxed for a short time while we waited for the Scouts to boil the water for the traditional top-of-the-mountain hot chocolate. We engaged in lots of small talk and discussed … Keep reading >>>

Advice from An Old Farmer

I am not sure of the origin of these words, and I cannot take credit for any of them, but they are pure genius. This Christmas, live a little more simply. We get caught up in our tech, devices, Wi-Fi, startups, and everything else that detracts from actual living. Enjoy, … Keep reading >>>


How many people have been born, records broken, businesses started and ended, sports seasons completed, wars started and ended, nations formed…since 1978?

Thirty seven years is a heartbeat in the grand schemes of time, but it’s an eternity in many industries, careers, and lives.

If you had failed at something … Keep reading >>>