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Tonight was a very fun and educational night at Atlanta Startup Village (#ATLSV) number 20. Well done, Jon Birdsong! Five great Atlanta tech startups presented their solutions to unique industry problems:

  • NinjaPost – hosted community forum software
  • Hux – book a home cleaning service in 2 minutes
  • Playout: gamifying exercise so we enjoy it again
  • Buzzboard – digital media sales productivity
  • UserIQ – create beautiful, personal, data-driven in-app messages and guided tours.

We also tried something new. We always serve some fresh local brew, but tonight we put out a tip jar, and hand-wrote a sign on the wall: “Tips will support the Atlanta Boy Choir.” We raised over $130, and we didn’t even have a proper sign! Thanks to everyone who contributed. The Atlanta Boy Choir, now in it’s 57th season, is a very worthy charity.


At the end of the evening, @Jonnybird gave me the awesome opportunity to end the night with a 30 second pitch. Of course, I pitched Atlanta Tech Blogs! I mentioned in a recent post that 85% of our audience is from outside GA, so I challenged the audience to show the rest of the world what the Atlanta tech startup community can do. If the tweet below gets 1000 retweets in the next 48 hours, I will shave my head.

Of course, Jacqui Chew immediately called me out on this challenge, demanding video proof. If we get 1,000 retweets, yes, there will be video proof of my new short style. So retweet!



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