101 Atlanta Tech Startup Blogs


Two weeks ago today we launched Atlanta Tech Blogs: the pulse if the Atlanta tech startup ecosystem. During those 2 short weeks we’ve learned a ton about the blogosphere in Atlanta: who blogs every day, who blogs irregularly, who writes whatever’s on their mind at the time, and who just blogs every once in a while. ¬†As of this writing, we have curated 101 blogs from, in, about, and for Atlanta.

We’ve also learned a lot about how our readers like to get their updates. So here are five ways to keep your finger on the pulse of the Atlanta Tech Startup ecosystem.

  1. The web site: www.atlantatechblogs.com
  2. RSS feeds: you can subscribe to the entire RSS feed from this site or the individual segments: Entrepreneurs, Startups, the startup community, Sales, Marketing, Software, and finance.
  3. Follow Atlanta Tech Blogs on Twitter to get a simple tweet of every new blog post.
  4. Like Atlanta Tech Blogs on Facebook to get a slightly prettier post every time there’s an update
  5. Subscribe to the Atlanta Tech Blogs weekly newsletter to see a listing of all the new posts from the previous week

It’s our goal to expose the great blogs, and hence the great startups, in Atlanta and make them easier for you to find and learn from. If you’re a blogger, remember these quick and easy steps towards a great blog:

  • Blog consistently – every day, every week, every month…doesn’t matter, just do it consistently, the more the better.
  • Make sure your RSS feed is valid and available just like your Twitter button. Feedburner¬†offers a great service for this.
  • If at all possible, add an attractive, story-telling image that gives a visual of your topic.

Thank you for all the support and suggestions for the pulse of the Atlanta tech startup ecosystem!


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