Recap of “Product Management for Startups” at SuperNova South

The attendance Friday morning was small, but extremely engaged, and I thoroughly enjoyed delivering "Product Management for Startups." Below are the main talking points from the 1 hour presentation. Product managers sit at the intersection of technology, user experience (UX), and the business model of the startup. More and more, … Keep reading >>>

6 steps to start your WordPress blog from scratch

I've just completed a series of posts that will help you start your WordPress blog by walking you through the entire process of buying, setting up, configuring, and launching your very own WordPress blog... from scratch, zero, nothing, nada, zilch, for under $25, with a new domain & hosting plan, … Keep reading >>>

Starting your WordPress Blog: Part 5 – Writing Your First Blog Post

Part 5: we're finally to the actual "blogging" part! For many people, this is actually the hardest part. But you're here for a reason, and that's to blog. So, below, I've put together the actual technical steps to creating a new post in WordPress and combined that with some guidance … Keep reading >>>