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Talking Pitch Practice and Startups on Atlanta TechEdge with Cara Kneer

This past Sunday, I was invited to be a guest on Atlanta TechEdge on Atlanta’s local NBC affiliate 11Alive. I’ve been on Atlanta TechEdge before, but as part of a panel. This time, the interview was specifically about Pitch Practice and the new book, “Practice Your Pitch.” I … Keep reading >>>

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“Engagement is better than growth” – Dave Payne, Switchyards

Assuming you have to choose between the two, which is better: a rapidly growing user or customer base, or a highly engaged user/customer base? In most cases, you’d want both, which is why I asked the question the way I did: choose one. So, which do you choose, and … Keep reading >>>

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“Pitching is an acquired skill…you have to practice!” – Guy Kawasaki

If you follow Pitch Practice on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you’ve seen some of the quotations we’ve been using to promote the new book, “Practice Your Pitch.” These one-liners are not only inspirational, but very instrumental in how I explained the Pitch Practice method. From … Keep reading >>>

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Problem: Learning How to Play Music is Difficult and Expensive

Do you want to learn how to play a musical instrument? If so, you will likely have to either enroll in a music school or take private lessons. Music school, like any other school, is expensive with tuition, supplies, your instrument, private tutoring, etc. Private music lessons are even more … Keep reading >>>

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Today’s Teenagers Need These 4 Things to Become Entrepreneurs

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to do a very special session of Pitch Practice for a group of teenagers from the Boss Up 101 organization at Atlanta Tech Village. The 20 teenagers are preparing to participate in a pitch contest. Each one has come up with their own … Keep reading >>>