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Qoins: $50,000 Reasons to Practice Your Pitch

This week, TAG hosted an event at Mercedes Benz Stadium called #FintechSouth. In addition to honoring some heavy hitting players in the Atlanta FinTech space, TAG held a pitch contest for new fintech startups. The winner of the pitch contest is Qoins, a two-man startup that began as a … Keep reading >>>

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Startups mean change, and change means opportunity

Flipping through Twitter today, I saw that Jen Bonnett, the GM of ATDC, is leaving the incubator to take over economic development for the city of Savannah. Wow! I hear the water got a little deeper in Savannah as well so they can bring in more bigger ships, … Keep reading >>>

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The whole series of articles on “Giving Your Gift” in work and in life

A while back, I wrote a series of blog posts about “giving your gift”. Those articles, listed below, are my way of thinking out loud about how Pitch Practice has served as a learning tool for me. Specifically, Pitch Practice has, for the last 5 years, given me an outlet … Keep reading >>>

Inspiration Pitch Practice Startups

Pitch Practice helps you articulate the problem you are solving

As the 5 year anniversary of Pitch Practice rapidly approaches, the path and brand of the meetup continue to amaze me. In the last month, we’ve had one of our largest groups ever to fill The Pitch Practice Boardroom made up entirely of people who are not members of ATV. … Keep reading >>>