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A Pitch Practice Success Story

A little over a year ago, I met Chris Turner when I was giving a talk about bootstrapping your startup down at NEX for the folks at Tech Talent South. Chris had asked me to grab coffee and listen to his idea of how he wanted to totally disrupt the US Education system.

“We demand that kids consume, consume, consume all this information and content, but we never require them to create, so when they get out of high school or even college, they have never created anything from scratch.”

Chris carried this idea for a while, pitching the idea at Pitch Practice several times, but couldn’t find a co-founder or investor to get it off the ground. So, he did what any good entrepreneur does: he set about solving that problem. He enrolled in and graduated from The Iron Yard as a junior ruby developer. At the end of that 12 weeks, Chris attended Pitch Practice again, but this time, he had a different pitch.

“Hi, I’m Chris with 10Rocket. The reason most startups fail is that they never get off the ground with a working MVP because it’s too expensive and takes too much time. We will build your MVP in 2 weeks for five thousand dollars.”

Chris got his first customer that day with that pitch. In the year since graduating from The Iron Yard and delivering that pitch, Chris has taken on a co-founder – Justin Richards – completed and launched 19 new MVPs, and doubled that $5k price for an MVP. Earlier this week, Chris sent me an email that included the following words, which I consider perhaps the highest compliment I could possibly receive:

[Tweet “”10Rocket wouldn’t be here without Pitch Practice.””]

Today, I am very pleased to share that TenRocket is now the official sponsor of Pitch Practice.

And, to bring it all around full circle, Chris’ co-founder, Justin, today got up at Pitch Practice and delivered the beta pitch for Kio, which he says is “like Tinder for finding a logo designer.”

TenRocket has had an amazing first year, and they are poised for great growth. In fact, they have tweaked their business model, and will be totally rebranding everything in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, and stay abreast of Chris & Justin as they rock the startup development space here in Atlanta and who knows where else.

Note: “Official Sponsor” is different from, and not to be confused with “Eternal Sponsor“, the title belonging to Atlanta Tech Village, who sports us space, an announcement every week on Twitter and in the StartupChowdown announcements, and the freedom to pretty much do whatever we like. Pitch Practice wouldn’t be here without Atlanta Tech Village, so, what comes around goes around, right? We are forever grateful to the folks at ATV and very happy to be a part of the launch of a great company in TenRocket! #PayItForward

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