When you think about going on an adventure, you don’t want to think about a budget to contain the costs of said adventure. But what if you started with your budget, and asked, “What kind of adventure can I get for that?” That’s what the folks at Vanago have in mind with this pitch.

Who is the entrepreneur?

Whoops! He didn’t say his name. We got his company name, Vanago (that’s how we think we spell it anyway. It’s critical that you at least get your first name in there somewhere. It’s first on the list for a reason: investors bet on the jockey (you) not the horse (whatever you’re building), and you only get one chance for a first impression. Make sure they remember your name.

What is the problem?

You can get a flight. You can get a hotel. You can arrange an adventure. But there’s no place to arrange all three under one budget amount, no matter how big or small.

What is the solution?

Software: Kayak plus Thrillist? The online travel space is very, very crowded and incredibly expensive to break into because you have to displace Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, and all the other players. Your idea for a product may be fantastic, but it had better be 10X better than anything currently on the market.

Who is the customer?

This one isn’t very clear. It’s either young folks who have a little money and nothing holding them in town for the weekend or retired / financially independent folks who want a simple way to arrange a travel adventure. Who do you think is his ideal customer?

What is the ask?

Also not very clear. He talked a lot about arranging travel but then jumped into lead gen from his platform asking for two customers. Also, beware the word “platform”. Can others build on what you’ve built? If not, it’s software (web app, SaaS, etc.), but it’s not a platform. AWS is a platform.

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