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Always be charging

Last night at Atlanta Startup Village No. 20, I was reminded of something that we all know we should be always doing, back in the recesses of our minds, but don’t often think about.  But we should be thinking about it, because to be good at anything means being intentional about it.  Last night, it was clear that Playout had put some serious time, not to mention choreography, into their pitch. They were intentional about their message, their excitement, and their timing (5:00 on the dot).

This thought process is a huge part of Pitch Practice.  There were probably about 300+ people at #ATLSV20 last night. Were you there? How many people asked you, “So, what do you do?”  How many people did you ask that same question?  If you’re networking, and you want to be memorable to the people you meet (in a professional way), then you should keep in mind that you are always pitching. You’re always pitching yourself.  Anytime you tell someone what you do, or what you’ve done, or what you’re planning to do, you’re pitching, because you never, ever know who your next employer, client, partner, employee, or investor is going to be.

Always be pitching. Intentionally.

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