First, a great thank you to all our Twitter followers. We’re rapidly approaching 5,000 followers, which is nothing compared to Bieber, Perry, and Swift, but with $0 marketing spend ever, we’re not complaining.

Twitter is, and has always been, the largest driver of traffic to and through; however, since we made the change not to host any 3rd party content on the site and direct visitors only to other blogs, we have not been able to track the traffic that goes from social media (mainly Twitter) to those 3rd party blogs.

We use for our URL shortener, and they provide some stats, but those stats have proven to be unreliable at best, and worthless at worst. Last week, reported that our created shortened links got 1,000 clicks in one day. That’d be nice, but it’s not even close to reality.

Google Analytics tracks outbound clicks from the site, which is great, but doesn’t capture clicks on social media links since those links don’t redirect through Or at least, they didn’t, until now.

Now we’re conducting another experiment. Every 3rd party post that is curated and posted on has a shortened URL. That URL will first direct you (if you click from Twitter or other social media channel) through a redirect page on that currently looks something like the screen below.

We’re testing this out to make sure we can capture the actual traffic from social media as well as a kind of messaging system for delivering headlines like “Techstars launches in Atlanta” and other such news. Right now, it just says something about you, our loyal and tech-savvy readers and followers, and then sends you on your way to the blog post you wanted to read in the first place.

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