Atlanta Startup Village #14 Recap

Full house, empty keg, great presenters, and some good 30-second volunteer pitches (designated with the * below). SilverPOP bought the beer. Here’s a recap of #ASV14.

  • BlueMenlo – checklists for surgical procedures, reduce physician errors. HIPPAA compliant.  Much better than checklists in paper which is how it’s done today. 
  • VehWare – visual black box solutions for large trucks & buses. They collect data for how and why truck accidents happen. 
  • SalesVibe – b2b buyer reviews and intelligence.  Reviews in how buyers but and how to sell to them. Desktop only for now. App coming for mobile sales people. 
  • Regpoint – online registration software for schools, clubs, universities, events, non profits, and summer camps. 
  • Liberated Tech – non profit for recycling old computer gear, train volunteers to refurbish and earn an PC while building computers for charities. Work in hacker space in SW Atlanta. Training new computer engineers and kids get computers and free hands on tech skills. C’mon Atlanta tech companies! Donate your old tech, time, space, and volunteers to spread the technology!!
  • *GottaGolf – Connecting golfers who want to golf, and book a tee time online. 
  • *VisualArtWerks – Art work on the wall at the Village. Mano a Mano art shows via
  • *RedTree Labs – startup as a service for those who have biz but not tech team to start up. 
  • *Emory University needs startup teams to build products that are already on their slate, or innovators to help the medical industry improve.  Philip Semprevio is the contact for Emory’s licensing program.
  • *FlashPoint @ GT – seed funding, mentorship, reduced risk for startups, open applications now for next cohort. Instead of asking your customers what they want, build what they can’t not buy. Very different – and successful – approach to startup engineering.

What do you think about that?

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