Atlanta Tech Blogs is for sale. “Busy is the new stupid“, so I have taken the beginning of this new year to take a solid inventory of everything I do on a daily and weekly basis. Here’s a short list not including family time, by which I mean this list is strictly work related. It is my goal to focus on a few things rather than trying to spread my mind over to many things. I’ve tried that before, and it simply doesn’t work for me.

Here’s What I’m Doing Now

I’ve committed to the EIR position and the teaching position through this spring semester so those will most likely conclude in early May. My focus is on my clients as a partner at Tech CXO. Pitch practice is simply a joy each week, and I’ve found no better way to give back, pay forward, and get to know so many new entrepreneurs. But something’s gotta go. I have a family and two teenagers!

Which One of These Doesn’t Belong?

So, Atlanta Tech Blogs rises to the top of the chopping list. A little history. After I shut down “deductmor” (self service receipt capture for self-employed), I made a list of every tech startup I could find in Atlanta who had a blog. I listed them on this blog. Then, I got so many comments and engagement about that list that I created I bought the domain, built the WordPress website, scoured and found plugins to run the inbound content engine. Plugged in Meet Edgar to push everything out to social media. The entire idea was to give startups and entrepreneurs a little boost in awareness, traction, and engagement. No silver bullet, but a boost, a little better chance at success.

I launched with 70 blogs; we’re now well over 300.  And, here’s the fun part: 25% of our posts are submitted by our users/readers, and new blogs are constantly being added by new bloggers. That’s what we call user generated content.

We launched with zero social following; now we have 19.5k Twitter followers.  (Note: I used to follow-back on every follower, but I stopped doing that in 2018, and the follower count has dropped about 3%). The website started in WordPress; today it’s all in Ruby on Rails. It’s been a very fun, challenging, and learning project.

Atlanta Tech Blogs became a side hustle and something of a sandbox for me to test digital marketing tactics and really learn WordPress. Both have been tremendous learning experiences. Also, much like Pitch Practice, Atlanta Tech Blogs has been a solid personal branding and networking tool.

What Could It Be Now?

Since 2014, I have focused on growing the audience and the content, and have not focused at all on monetization. I’ve asked many people their opinions about how to grow or otherwise make this thing thrive. Here are some of the suggestions.

  • Advertising model: insert Google ads at various places on the website and in the daily email newsletter
  • Sponsorship model: one company per month sponsors the website and the daily email
  • Community model: use the audience to build a more specific community around or some portion of the Atlanta start up echo system
  • Media outlet model: begin creating content in addition to syndicating other peoples content, very similar to what Hypepotamus is today
  • Leave it alone model: I can do this one pretty easily, because I just know what to do with it all the time, so status quo is an option.

Atlanta Tech Blogs is For Sale

Now the question becomes not what can I do with it, but what could YOU do with it? Atlanta Tech Blogs is for sale.  Shoot me an email if you’d like to talk.

What do you think about that?

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