Atlanta Tech Blogs is not for Atlanta

It really is amazing what web analytics has done, and will continue to do, for operators and marketers of web sites and web apps.  Twitter thoroughly dominates our social media outlets for inbound traffic, sharing, and audience.  With almost 1,000 followers (yes, a pittance in the real world, but not bad for 45 days and zero marketing), we’ve now accumulated enough data from Twitter analytics to start making more data driven decisions as it pertains to the use of Twitter to promote Atlanta Tech Blogs.  That alone will be tons of social media analytics fun; however, the most interesting thing I’ve learned about who’s following and sharing posts on Twitter is this:

85% of our audience is outside Georgia.

Yes, it’s about the Atlanta startup scene. It’s from Atlanta.  It covers 119 Atlanta tech startup blogs, and everything they have to share. Everyone whose content appears on is based in Atlanta.  But our audience is not Atlanta. It’s everyone else.

Atlanta Tech Blogs is not for Atlanta.  It’s for everyone else to see what’s going on in Atlanta.  The cool thing is that people outside GA are watching what’s going on as Georgia is becoming very much like San Francisco, Austin, Boulder, Chicago, Boston, Seattle as a technology startup city.  They’re watching and reading our blogs, seeing what we’re building, how we’re growing, what we’re doing as a community, and our successes and failures.  Investors, marketers, entrepreneurs, technologists, incubators, accelerators, publications are watching.

What will Atlanta show them?



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