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Is Atlanta’s Startup Ecosystem “Mature”?

It’s Venture Atlanta week. BIP Capital‘s annual report is just in time.  This year, the report measure’s major southeast cities (Atlanta, Research Triangle Park, Charlotte, Nashville) as they compare to the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, and New York City. I’ve always referred to Atlanta as a “teenager” in … Keep reading >>>


How to get rid of unwanted English Ivy in your yard

If you follow this blog at all, you’ll recall that last Autumn we rented goats to try to read our yard of about a third of an acre of English ivy. The previous owner of our home told us, “I just put out a few sprigs 40 years ago.” … Keep reading >>>

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How do you combine multiple video streams from your event?

The title of this post is a hint at the rest of the story below. Imagine attending or organizing an event (kids athletic event, performance, conference, party, reception, speech, etc.) that is not “professionally” captured on video. However, there are several individuals capturing the event on various video devices from … Keep reading >>>

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Atlanta Tech Blogs Can Be Yours!

Atlanta Tech Blogs is for sale. “Busy is the new stupid“, so I have taken the beginning of this new year to take a solid inventory of everything I do on a daily and weekly basis. Here’s a short list not including family time, by which I mean … Keep reading >>>

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The Short, Epic Entrepreneurial Life of

What started as a simple service to our community ended with a very real service to a member of our community.

Following is a diary of sorts for a short term entrepreneurial venture that me and my family engaged in this fall. The goal at first was to make a … Keep reading >>>