AtlantaCode: Enterprise Software Dev Training

Atlanta is one of the hottest technology cities in the U.S., a top 10 startup ecosystem, and home to 28 Fortune 1000 companies. That combination means opportunity to many, especially in the software development sector. Atlanta is also home to several software development training providers, including Big Nerd Ranch, Tech Talent South, and The Iron Yard. NY-based General Assembly opened a new location in Atlanta last year. The demand for software development skills by Atlanta startups and enterprise is far more than the supply of well-trained software developers.

Welcome AtlantaCode: Enterprise Software Development Training.

AtlantaCode, based in Alpharetta, creates enterprise front end, back end, BPM, and Hadoop software developers. AtlantaCode teaches software development, but they also prepare young developers for daily life in enterprise software development. (disclosure: AtlantaCode is a client)

AtlantaCode is launching two new cohorts in early March:

AtlantaCode offers two options for attending their classes: on site and remote. If you attend on site, you’ll be immersed in the challenging, all-in class with a group of your peers. If you live in a city where there is no software development training opportunities, this is your time. Now you can get LIVE instructor-led software development training from AtlantaCode’s experienced instructors in the convenience of your home, or wherever else you choose!

Attending the LIVE instructor training from your remote location costs $4,200, which is 40% less than attending in person, yet you get the exact same LIVE instructor training.

There are thousands of software development jobs available right now, and not nearly enough qualified, well-trained software developers to fill those jobs.  AtlantaCode has just made it much easier to make the career change of a lifetime. You can learn to code, either in person or remotely.

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