Atlanta’s Consumer + Design Weekend Accelerator

Remember this tweet that started a little firestorm?  I wrote about it here.  Let’s just say that not everyone agreed on what Atlanta is, should be, can be, or can’t be.

Then Tavani did this, and got a tremendous response in a very short time.  So he launched Beltline & Co., only to be met with a cease and desist from the <expletive> <expletive> <expletive> lawyers from The Atlanta Beltline. But Tavani took the high road, and crowdsourced a new name: Switchyards. Read the Switchyards Thesis here and definitely follow Switchyards on Twitter.

OK, so then what?  Over a day full of coffee meetings with lots of different people, Michael came up with a weekend to build new products.

Not to be confused with Startup Weekend, which is way cool and you attend May 2-4 at ATDC, this is a different kind of weekend. It’s Atlanta’s Consumer + Design Weekend Accelerator, in which teams of developers, designers, and growth hackers will build products that have already been vetted, and will be launched as businesses after the weekend is completed.  If you work on a product, you can be a co-founder of the resulting business. There’s even going to be a few days to rest and prep for a real Demo Day, to show off what we built to the community.

I am very happy and excited to be a part of creating something brand spanking new in Atlanta, focused completely on building new consumer brands in Atlanta by Atlantans.  Please help spread the word to your developer, designer, and hacker friends all over Atlanta, and help make Atlanta a consumer brand startup machine. It’s going to be awesome.

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