Atlanta's Tech Startup Blogs

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of Atlanta Tech Startup Blogs in alpha order.  Raise your hand if you’re not here.  Seriously, if you don’t see your favorite Atlanta Tech & Startup Blog listed, please tell me.  I’m personally blown away by the sheer number if high quality blogs from Atlanta. Have you read all these?  Wow.  There are only 49 here.  I bet there are well over 100.

Whether you are or are not on this list, please keep in mind the following simple basics of blogging / content marketing:

  1. Make sure your blog has a valid RSS / Atom feed.  About 1/3 of these don’t.
  2. Make sure your blog has a decent fav icon. More than half of these don’t.
  3. It’s a good idea to use an image in each blog post. WP calls these “featured image”. Blogger calls them a thumbnail and displays the first image (if you have more than one) as the thumbnail image in your RSS feed.

On the right is my initial categorization: either “About Startups” or “From a Startup”.  I may or may not categorize these more specifically.  What do you think?

Source URL Startup
Stephen Fleming About
AcuityCFO From
Allen Nance About
Jon Birdsong About
Atlanta Tech Village About
Jeff Hilimire About
Marketing Eye From
CallRail From
Scott Henderson About
CheckAction From
Cooleaf From From
David Cummings About
Digital Assent From
Dragon Army From
Flashissue From
Lance Weatherby About
friendly human From
Paul Freet About
Hypepotamus About
Kyle Van Pelt About
John Saddington About
Johnson Cook About
Kevin Sandlin About
Kevy From
Kyle Porter About
lindsay trinkle About
MailChimp From
Michael Tavani About
Mike Marian About
John Melanakos About
Patientco From
PerfectPost From
Pindrop Security From
QASymphony From
Rigor From
RippleIT From
Rivalry From
Roam About
SalesLoft From
ScoutMob From
SherpaDesk From
Everett Steele About
The Iron Yard From
InsightPool From
Venture Atlanta About
Voxa From
We Get Around From

What do you think about that?

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