Atlanta Startup Battle at General Assembly

Part of General Assembly‘s Launch Week was a pitch-off they called the “Atlanta Startup Battle” tonight before the official launch party. There were six startups who pitched. Attendees chose the crowd favorite and the startups themselves had to work their social media networks to win the digital favorite. Here’s who pitched.

  • Kanga – they launched a year ago as a local delivery service, just like Roadie, but recently pivoted to a B2B enterprise delivery solutions provider.
  • GottaGolf – nothing’s changed since they pitched at Startup Riot a few weeks ago, except that they now have traction: 3,000 users in private beta. They’re launching public beta next month.
  • Ticket Alternative – a 12-year-old startup, they’re the alternative to TicketMaster, focused on smaller venues who can’t get the benefit of TicketMaster’s scale. So if your event isn’t on TicketMaster, it’s on Ticket Alternative. They just launched FreshTix, event registration for everyone’s event, and they are also a powerful event marketing provider.
  • LOV – because everybody hates bad dates. LOV also pitched at Startup Riot, and now they’ve just launched their Kickstarter campaign.
  • TripTap – “a map for the road less traveled featuring highly curated local experiences”, TripTap is a crowdsourced travel tip app.
  • Calendly was supposed to pitch, but they didn’t show. Sad panda.

The crowd favorite and digital winner were one and the same: Kanga! Congratulations to Kanga and to General Assembly on a great launch week at Ponce City Market.

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