I hinted around one of my latest projects in the previous post, and now it’s time to reveal the project. This post is the beginning of our beta test of Southern Baklava, a specialty baked goods e-commerce business.

I mentioned Georgia’s Cottage Food program that allows home-based bakeries to have their kitchens inspected and sell their products within the state of Georgia without having to have a commercial kitchen. We’re now embarking on the adventure of taking one of my wife’s unique recipes to market via e-commerce. For the first phase of the venture, we will offer just one product, Southern Baklava, in two sizes: 12 pieces or 24 pieces.

An Unusual Beta Test

What we need are “beta testers”. I use quotes because this beta program is different than your standard software beta. We’re beta testing not only the sweet, flakey, gooey product, but the entire customer experience from landing on the website (desktop or mobile), ordering, opening the package, eating, and then ordering again.

Anyone can make food. We want to build a brand that our customers love and will share with their friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues.

To that end, we need a few people to take the plunge with us, order some Southern Baklava, and then provide some specific feedback on the whole ordering experience as well as the final product.

It’s a Tough Job, but…FREE Baklava!

The compensation is awesome: free product! So, if you like Baklava and you have a sweet tooth, this might be a gig for you. Click here to sign up to be a Baklava tester. All we’re asking for today is your first name and email address. Then we’ll be in touch when we’re ready to open the doors to take your orders. You’ll get your Baklava shortly thereafter, and you can devour it at your leisure.

Will you join us on this sweet gooey journey? Yes? Awesome, just click here.


What do you think about that?

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