The Selfie: Can We Finally Put It To Good Use?

A diet that works for you may or may not work for me. Everyone’s body is similar, but very different. Each individual’s body chemistry is unique, and we all react to food and activity differently. So how can I know, without going to a dietician and having multiple blood tests, what I should eat to reach my own individual health goals? I could take a selfie.

Can a Selfie make you healthy?

Vishi has developed an app that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine an individual’s diet and dietary needs based on a picture of their face. Yes, finally, a really good use for a selfie. You snap a photo of your face, and BioPhillip gives you a list of food types that you should eat or stop eating in order to become healthier.

Google subsidiary Verily recently announced a similar application for machine learning. With one scan of a person’s eye, Verily can determine the individual’s likelihood of having a major coronary event in the next 10 years with the same level of accuracy as blood tests and cardiovascular examinations. Read that article here.

Why should we believe you?

This pitch was Vishi’s first time at Pitch Practice, which you grasped from his ask. He had been at ATV for 2 days and is seeking advisors. But he also brings 10 years of app building to the table. That leads us to believe that he is capable of building such an app. What he didn’t tell us until the post-pitch discussion is that he has published more than a dozen apps to the iTunes App Store, and those apps have been downloaded millions of times. So, we know he can build an app.

But can he build a machine learning, health technology app for consumers? That we don’t know. It would be good if he mentioned a team that consisted of some medical professionals.


What do you think about that?

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