Experienced Entrepreneurs Should Blog More

Earlier today, Allen Nance tweeted his “new strategy” for engaging in social media:

I replied to Allen, “you left out #blog: where you teach others.” Around the end of the day, I had a conversation with KP Reddy about his latest torrent of blog posts, which are pure no-BS, entrepreneurial gold.

Turns out, KP and Charlie Paparelli have a little unspoken gamesmanship going on. KP had urged Charlie to begin regularly sharing his experiential wisdom, lessons, advice, and general “been there, done that” talks on paparelli.com. Charlie has done just that, and I, for one, cannot get enough of it. It’s real. It’s Charlie’s story, not just about startup-land and happy happy joy joy, but his battle with alcohol, successes, failures, and struggles.

What if you could regularly soak up all the stuff they’ve seen, done, experienced, and been through…all the challenges they’ve faced, all the mountains they’ve climbed, all the obstacles they’ve overcome, and all the lessons they’ve learned through their journeys?

You can. We can. It just takes a little encouragement. KP urged Charlie to blog. Charlie did, and then elbowed KP with a kind nudge that he should do the same. And, voila! You have two of Atlanta’s most successful, experienced, respected, and connected entrepreneurs sharing their wisdom. That’s how we learn. First by being willing to learn from others, and second by actively seeking out their wisdom.

So, if you get a chance, thank Charlie and KP for sharing their wisdom, and ping Allen (and maybe Paul Judge, too!) and remind them that they have TONS to share and teach the Atlanta entrepreneurial community.

Who else do you know who has untold sums of entrepreneurial and life wisdom? Encourage and challenge them to share that wisdom. It’s cathartic for them, and pure gold for the rest of us. 

And to those who do regularly share their wisdom, thank you for doing so.

What do you think about that?

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