Blog much? I do. I used to blog every day here, but lately, I’ve been so busy creating content for The Combine, Konstru, and PZFlex that I have maybe blogged once a month on my personal site. As with many other things in life, sometimes we put off doing a thing because it’s just slightly less convenient than doing something else of equal value.

WordPress may just be one of those things. I like WordPress, but not as much as I love Google Docs. I have not had Microsoft Office installed on my computer for nearly three years. That’s how long it’s been since I found something that I need Word or Excel to do. PowerPoint still has the goods on Google Slides, but I’ve pushed through and figured it out. Google Docs is where I publish all my content.

Except blog posts. Up to today, I have created all my posts in Google Docs, but then copied & pasted the content into WordPress, updated any formatting weirdness, made a few tweaks to the text, added a “Featured Image”, and then finally published.

Everything Changes!

Not no mo. I’ve written this post in Google Docs, and am looking over at the right side of my screen in Google Docs to see this:

That’s a beautiful thing. From WordPress News, please welcome “The “ for Google Docs” Add-on” to make your blogging life ever so much easier. Everything is auto-saved in Google Docs, and now I just click “Update Draft” on the right, and WordPress is updated as well.

Thanks Automattic and Google Docs!

What do you think about that?

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