There is a group of high school students who would most likely “fall through the cracks” once they finish high school. You probably know some of these kids, but you may not know the challenges they face today or the even bigger challenges they will face once they are out of high school. These are the kids in “special ed”, the kids with an IEP, the square peg kids who don’t fit into the round hole of standardized education. They are too high functioning for full time assistance, but not academically fit for “regular” classes. How will they make a living after high school?

Who are these kids?

They look just like everyone else. They hang with their friends. They do stuff around school and their neighborhoods. Teachers like them, and they’re good kids. But academically, they are “different”. They have to have special accommodations for homework, classwork, and testing. They often have an “IEP”, or individual education plan, because their brains learn differently than “the normal kids”.

What are their options after High School?

In a word, “limited”. These kids, as likable as they are, stand very little chance to go to college, because college, by definition, is an academic pursuit. They cannot enter the military. So, what options do they have?

Who will give them a chance?

Chinika Miller will. Chinika has a child with special needs. She’s seen first hand how completely limited the options are for kids who have many gifts, but none of them academic. Chinika started Bossup101 to give kids like hers a chance to be their own boss. Bossup101 needs mentors to help these kids learn the basic of being an entrepreneur. We’re not talking about Jeff Bezos here, but you never know. We’re talking about the kids who can learn to provide a service for their local community and earn a good living doing so.

Will you help Chinika?

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