Siri, Google, and Alexa have given us voice control over thousands of “skills” and devices from our mobile phones and from the various voice input devices that each of these companies provides. But can you “Siri” or “Hey Google” everything on your phone? What about everything on your computer? Not yet.

Who is the entrepreneur?

“Z”. What is this, a Superman episode? Well, it’s easy to remember, that’s for sure. “BuilderMind” is a little harder, but his enunciation is so clear that it’s easy. Now, who is this guy? We need something about an entrepreneur to know if we can bet on him (or her). Does Z have years of experience in voice control programming or implementation?

What is the problem?

“I believe many existing applications can benefit from conversational Artificial Intelligence.” OK, it’s good to know what he believes, but he hasn’t told us what the problem is. In this case, there are many, many problems that his tech could be solving. For instance, lab workers who have to wear HAZMAT or other protective gear, but still have to interface with a computer could really use voice control for their devices. That’s just one of dozens that come to mind. It’s good to know what someone’s dream is and what they believe, but knowing how to apply that dream is more important to building a business.

What is the solution?

Chat bots and speech bots that can be implemented in existing applications. Good enough…if we knew what problem these chat and speech bots would be solving.

Who is the customer?

Z doesn’t come right out and say it, but the entity that will pay his organization money is the software maker whose clientele could up their game by using voice commands to interact with the software.

What is the ask?

Software developers and managers who want to implement speech and chat bots. He’s looking for potential customers or beta or pilot users. Perfect ask.

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