If you’re a sales professional, one of your most important tasks for every prospect is the follow up email. The dreaded follow up email. You don’t dread it. You’re excited to follow up with your future customer who expressed great interest and excitement about your product or service. No, it’s the receiving end of that email that has the dread. Oh boy, here comes another 500 word text email with 17 PDFs and two PowerPoints attached. Yay. How come the marketing folks always have such awesome landing pages and videos and graphics to woo prospects into the sales funnel, but the sales people get to copy, paste, and attach. Copy, paste, and attach. There’s gotta be a better way!

Who is the entrepreneur?

KP with ClosingPage. He even wore the t-shirt! What he didn’t say is that he’s a brilliant designer whose previous business was designing pitch decks for startups.

What is the problem?

Sales follow up emails suck. It’s not your fault. You’re a sales pro, not a designer! Stay in your lane, right? Everyone’s always talking about how sales and marketing should be smarketing. Well, here’s a great opportunity to bring the marketing design and flare into the hands of sales pros for their follow up sales emails.

What is the solution?

There are dozens of Landing Page software providers in the marketing technology space, including two here in Atlanta (LandingLion and Mailchimp), but who makes landing pages for sales emails? ClosingPage does. That’s what it boils down to: instead of sending massive text with PDFs and PPTs attached, send your future customers to a beautiful landing page, customized to their needs.

Who is the customer?

Sales teams. More specifically, sales managers who want to make sure their sales pros have the very best tools available to make their jobs easier and allow them to focus on the relationship, not the sales email attachments.

What is the ask?

ClosingPage was just about to launch on ProductHunt, so KP asked us to join him by signing up to learn more about ClosingPage.

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