Collective Impact: Scott Henderson's talk at HIVE

Scott Henderson, leader at Cause Shift and former connector of awesomeness at Hypepotamus, delivered a great speech last night at the HIVE gathering at ROAM Dunwoody. The event was fantastic, fun, and very different, and Scott’s talk was an eye opener about simplicity and collaboration.

Scott’s delivery is so natural and relaxing that you feel like he’s sitting in your living room sharing a beer while your favorite golf tournament plays quietly in the background.  If you haven’t heard Scott deliver a talk before, make sure you do next time you have the opportunity.  Here are the main points of Scott’s talk, in readable format. 
  • Complex problems are solved working collaboratively in ways you are not prepared for.  “It’s wonderful to create.” – Kurosawa Akira, Japanese filmmaker.
  • Collaboration is our competitive advantage as humans. We share information, knowledge, and rewards.
  • Most organizations fail in a more complex dynamic world. 
  • The structure of a society is connected to its total amount of information. 
  • Technology has caught up to us, making the tools we use much more intuitive and easy to use and figure out.  
  • Even in networks, there are networks of networks.
  • Simple rules overcome dynamic complex threats. Scott used ants, termite,s and beehives to demonstrate that an entire society can live cohesively under just a few simple rules of engagement and operation.
  • Build the frame and set simple rules to discover emergent strategies.

All these points were perfectly positioned as the precursor to the Word Play segment of the HIVE gathering.  Small teams have an amazing ability to create something from nothing.  That is one of the many reasons I love the startup world.

What do you think about that?