When I speak with small businesses about content marketing, most of the time they think that just means write some blogs and do some social posts. But it’s far more than that, and it’s not random. In fact there are many different theories on how one should go about creating a content marketing strategy. Here is one such structure or process to create your own content marketing strategy.

Your Content is Your Solar System

In our solar system we have the sun, planets, moons, and stars. If you consider your biggest, most compelling content – whether that’s a video podcast or white paper or and constantly updated blog – that would be your sun.  The sun gives energy to everything else in the solar system. So let’s say your sun is a white paper. You write five or six blog posts about that white paper. Those are your planets.

For each blog post you create 10 different social posts – with images and calls to action – that point back to the blog post, which points to the white paper. Those are your moons.

Each of those social posts will get shared, retweeted, clicked on, etc. That’s called earned content: when your audience shares what you wrote to their audience. Those are your stars.

What is Your Content Marketing Sun?

The key to all of this, of course, is how big and bright is your sun? A great example that has been truly effective is the HubSpot blog. Their blog is their sun. It is the center of their content universe. Everything else social comes from that walk. In fact 90% of their social post point directly to content on the blog.

Of course, because the sun is the biggest part of the solar system and all the energy comes from the sun it makes sense that the sun is going to be the biggest hardest piece of content to create. Therefore you need to go about that with the most care. Think about what kind of content your organization most naturally creates. Is it video? Podcast? A blog every day? It doesn’t really matter what that content is, but it has to be big enough and influential enough to drive the creation of many blog posts, many social posts, and many shares of each.

Solar Eclipse?

Of course, every now and then, one of your moons might eclipse your sun. You won’t be able to predict this event years in advance, but it will happen. Something you write in support of one of your bigger pieces of content will have a spike in readership or sharing or clicks. You can’t predict this event happening. However, the more content you create and share the better the chances are that one piece of content will skyrocket. Then you have identified the type of content that really works for your audience.

Everyone’s audience is different. You have to find your own.

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