One step to learn to Design UX

General Assembly, based in New York, launched its Atlanta location a couple of months ago in the new, really cool Ponce City Market. Since the launch, their really cool space in really cool Ponce City Market has been buzzing with people, learning, bootcamps, demo nights, meetups, and full time classes.

The latest full-time immersive class offered by GA Atlanta will be UX Design Imersive. In case you’re not familiar with the term “UX”, it means “user experience” and it’s far more than just the human user interface. UX is about the total user experience with a product, and, some would argue, UX is the product. So all those apps and web services that you love so much? Yes, they were built by software developers, but they were designed by UX-ers. Not surprisingly, the term “user experience” was coined by an executive at Apple, Don Norman. Apple is a master at UX design.

The inaugural UX Design Immersive class at GA Atlanta will start on June 8 and go through August 14, 9am – 5pm every day. That’s what GA means by “immersive”. You can get all the details here.

But here’s the good news: three people in Atlanta (and every other General Assembly city around the globe) will win a scholarship for 25% of the cost of the new UX Design Imersive course. Why not you? You can apply for your scholarship right here, but you have to apply by May 15…just 10 days away!

Seriously, why not you? The classes like these – software development, UX, digital marketing – are the things that change lives, because these skills are in ridiculous demand. So if you’ve ever even had the slightest thought like “I know I could make that look, feel, and act a whole lot better!” then you should take that chance, and take it right now.

Go ahead, put your name in the hat for that $3,000 scholarship. What’s the worst that could happen? You might become the next Jony Ive. He had to start someplace, too.

What do you think about that?

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