DGM: It's on

The Digital Marketing (DGM) class at General Assembly‘s Atlanta campus starts TONIGHT, and it’s on from the start.  Here’s a quick peek into what the next 10 weeks will hold.

Day 1 – we’re bringing Pitch Practice into Digital Marketing! Can you believe it? That’s right, the first step in your digital marketing journey is figuring out and then planning out your brand strategy, and that includes your elevator pitch. Everyone in the class will get to deliver their (real or made up) elevator pitch.

Day 2 – FAKE GRIMLOCK TAKE STAGE WITH MINIMUM VIABLE PERSONALITY. THIS WHAT MAKE STARTUP.  I can’t believe I’ve kept this one quiet the whole time I’ve had the DGM curriculum at my disposal.  I reached out to FAKE GRIMLOCK on Twitter, and asked him to make a special appearance to the class, via skype of course. His reply? “ME CONSIDER THAT.” Either way, we’ll be referencing his awesome model for marketing.

Guest Speakers galore! We’re pulling digital marketing rock stars from the Atlanta startup and marketing community, and bringing them into the class to overwhelm the students with their experience, expertise, and general awesomeness. If you’re not following these people on Twitter, in addition to Mr. Grimlock, you should be, and you will be after soaking up their DGM genius.

Jason Dominy – The Dalton Agency
Lindsay Trinkle – Write2Market
Maria Joyner – Synapp.io
Van Baird – State Farm

And the over-arching theme of the 10 week, 60-hour class is taking a web property – new or existing – into the digital marketing stratosphere as we learn by doing the job, and create a real world digital marketing plan that these students will use on real businesses during and after the class.

I am so excited to meet all these students and lead this class, and share their progress along the way.

What do you think about that?