DGM Camp Day 1 Recap

Today was Day 1 of DGM Camp at General Assembly. After 60 days of prep and promotion, we have 17 students enrolled, 7 sponsors, 9 instructors, and 2 dozen Krispy Kremes. Our 17 students (10 women, 7 men) are from startups, big brands, sole proprietorships, CRE, small businesses, and nonprofits. I am very pleasantly surprised at the wide range of experience.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to this effort. We’re just getting started! Here’s a recap of the ups and downs of our first of five days.

  • Introductions – I had emailed all the students last night and asked them to think about this question: “what is your most humiliating professional event?” That’s not only an icebreaker but also a way of establishing DGM Camp as an open forum for questions and learning, meaning that nothing’s going to happen in these 5 days that can be any more humiliating than what you just described. And, trust me on this one, there were some doozies. The point was to encourage folks to speak up when they get stumped, as most everyone was at some point.
  • Origin of DGM Camp – the idea for a 5-day martech boot camp came from the success of the Google Analytics classes that we’ve been running monthly at General Assembly. It became clear to me that the folks who are learning digital marketing really appreciate learning how to use specific tools, like Google Analytics, WordPress, and Unbounce, for example.
  • TED Talk of the day – What else but Simon Sinek’s Start With Why? Since we’re working on specific hard skills in DGM Camp, we’re breaking things up with some inspirational material in the form of one TED talk each day. I’d have to check my browser history, but I’m sure I’ve now watched this TED talk at least 50 times, and I still get something new out of it every time.
  • Marketing Funnel Primer – a brief explanation of the marketing funnel, and how we intentionally walk our target audience through their journey to and through our brand. From initial attraction on Facebook or Adwords to landing pages, lead capture, engagement through content, and customer retention, we can implement tools to make the customer experience better at every stage of the journey. When we have all those tools in place, we can see where the journey needs optimizing using data from Google Analytics or A/B Testing data, and make adjustments accordingly.
  • WordPress – There are many other CMS products, but WordPress runs 24% of the world’s websites. That’s enough for me. We learned the basics of WordPress, installed a theme (or two), and a dozen plugins. We got bogged down a bit when every student’s experience connecting Yoast SEO to Google Search Console went differently. In the end, we had to use 3 different verification methods.
  • SEOKevin Ekmark, CEO of Trustworkz, covered everything about SEO in less than 90 minutes. OK, I exaggerate, but it as thorough an introduction to SEO via WordPress as I have ever seen. Thank you, Kevin, for helping make Day 1 of DGM Camp a success.
  • Landing PagesNikki Nixon, the DGM Camp Poster Child, gave us a fantastic education on the art of the landing page using Unbounce, which now integrates directly with WordPress, so you no longer need a subdomain for your landing pages.
  • NPS – Finally, we ended with a one question survey. The purpose of that question was to measure NPS for day one. Before I looked at the results, I would have rated the day a “B-minus”. Actual NPS for DGM Camp Day 1: 57.

Tuesday, Day 2, is Google Analytics day, but we’ll start off by finishing up our WordPress plugin configurations. Follow along on the journey on Twitter and Instagram on #dgmcamp.

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