An NPS of 71 pretty much says it all: content day rocked. Several DGM Campers said this day was the best day by far. I agree. It was a fantastic day, and I learned just as much as anyone else.

We began with a 90 minute lesson on blogging. One of the most important things that I learned a while back while learning blogging, content, and SEO is something that we just really don’t think about when we think about content marketing: search is text. When you search for something on Google, the default is text, not images, videos, or podcasts. Text. Fresh text content is best – and most easily – done in the form of a blog. Blog frequently and consistently to your optimal customer as the audience.

At 10:30, Scott Alan Turner took over the screen, and gave us an incredible primer on how to launch a successful podcast. I’ve known Scott since 1996 – yes, 20 years! – and worked with him for 11 of those years. He’s a software developer (and a damn good one, too) by trade, but he is so intentional and so successful that he decided he wanted to launch a podcast to teach the world how he became debt free (no mortgage, either) and a millionaire before age 40. So he did. His first podcast failed miserably, because he had no idea what he was doing. So he learned how, retooled, rebranded, and relaunched, reaching #1 on iTunes within 48 hours of launch. He taught us how to do that. Amazing.

We didn’t mind a shortened lunch hour, and since one of our mantras in DGM Camp is “Semper Gumby”, we adjusted when our 1pm speaker had a conflict and had to reschedule to Thursday. We jumped back into WordPress to make sure everyone had a thorough understanding of the and ecosystems. We finished up installing our Mailchimp plugins, connected to our Mailchimp accounts, and rehashed the basics of SEO: time, care, and content.

That brought us to Tami McQueen, who always rocks the house. Tami took us on an updated journey through the hypersonic SalesLoft content marketing time machine. SalesLoft uses Google Docs, Trello, and a team of content builders, connectors, distributors, and customer marketing specialists to create hundreds of pieces of content every quarter. The produce Webinars, Blabs, eBooks, case studies,testimonials, videos, blogs, knowledge base articles, polls, surveys, and social media content. They used to assign point values to each type of content, and total up the points each month and quarter. Now they count inbound conversions.

Finally, Joy Ugi, Digital Marketing Manager at Orderly taught us Mailchimp email marketing 101. From configuring your WordPress Mailchimp plugin to best practices for growing and nurturing your email list to creating your first and best email newsletter, Joy covered all the bases as the DGM Campers soaked up the knowledge.

Yes, a great day. Tomorrow has a high bar to beat, but David Ahn and David Caron will blow our minds with social media targeting and video marketing after we dig into Google Adwords.

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