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Yesterday, I was speaking with an individual who is interested in enrolling in DGM Camp. He had several really good questions, which we talked through, and then he asked one final question:

What is the difference between this week long class and the 10-week long digital marketing class at GA?

A great question indeed, and actually the same question I had to answer for the folks at General Assembly when I first proposed the DGM Camp concept. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to create an offering that cannibalizes your primary offering, so there must be clear differences between the two offerings. There are. Here’s a comparison.

Schedule: 5 days, Mon – Fri, 8 hours each day Schedule: 10 weeks, 2 days/week, 630-930PM, 3 hours each day
Time: Approximately 40 total hours Time: Approximately 60 total hours
Objective: Build a marketing technology stack, including CMS, CRM, SEO, analytics, A/B testing landing pages, social media, ads Objective: In-depth curriculum on the digital marketing process including branding strategy, UX, copy, customer personas.
Software: Hands-on with 20+ martech software tools Software: Intro to Google Analytics, Adwords, social media advertising tools
Price: $995 Price: $3,500

These are some of the high-level differences. Since April 25 – 29th will be the first time we offer DGM Camp, I’m sure we’ll be able to point out some other strong differences between the two. I’ve led the 10-week Digital Marketing class 3 times in the past year. Generally, that class is more about marketing, whereas DGM Camp will be about the technology that is used in marketing.

What do you think about that?

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