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Yesterday, I was speaking with an individual who is interested in enrolling in DGM Camp. He had several really good questions, which we talked through, and then he asked one final question:

What is the difference between this week long class and the 10-week long digital marketing class at GA?

A great question indeed, and actually the same question I had to answer for the folks at General Assembly when I first proposed the DGM Camp concept. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to create an offering that cannibalizes your primary offering, so there must¬†be clear differences between the two offerings. There are. Here’s a comparison.

Logo2175Screenshot 2016-03-30 at 11.33.41 AM
Schedule: 5 days, Mon – Fri, 8 hours each daySchedule: 10 weeks, 2 days/week, 630-930PM, 3 hours each day
Time: Approximately 40 total hoursTime: Approximately 60 total hours
Objective: Build a marketing technology stack, including CMS, CRM, SEO, analytics, A/B testing landing pages, social media, adsObjective: In-depth curriculum on the digital marketing process including branding strategy, UX, copy, customer personas.
Software: Hands-on with 20+ martech software toolsSoftware: Intro to Google Analytics, Adwords, social media advertising tools
Price: $995Price: $3,500

These are some of the high-level differences. Since April 25 – 29th will be the first time we offer DGM Camp, I’m sure we’ll be able to point out some other strong differences between the two. I’ve led the 10-week Digital Marketing class 3 times in the past year. Generally, that class is more about marketing, whereas DGM Camp will be about the technology that is used in marketing.

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