DGM4 Starts Tuesday at General Assembly

If by now you have not made your way down to spend some time at General Assembly at Ponce City Market, you’re pretty much doing it wrong. GA is a great global brand in the digital training space, and they’ve built up a first class operation in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.

Tomorrow night at 6:30pm, twenty eight (not a typo, but a ridiculously successful class of 28!) new digital marketers will begin their journey towards Demo Night on October 22, at which they will each present their 5-minute pitch of their digital marketing strategy. Each student is required to submit a real project for which to build a DGM strategy. That project can be their own personal blog, their company, or, in this case, a nonprofit that needs some assistance.

This class will be taking on a number of nonprofits curated by GA for just this purpose, giving the students a real time view into a real digital marketing need and giving the nonprofits the help they need attracting their target audiences. In addition, the class members will have the option of preparing for the Google Analytics Certification, something that is a much needed skill and base of knowledge in the digital marketing space.

This will be the second time I’ve taught this class. Last spring, we endured the transition from GA’s temporary space next to Dancing Goats into their sweet new 2nd floor campus in Ponce City Market. I enjoyed teaching most of the sessions last spring, but I’ll be making some cool new changes this time around to make the class even more hands on, and give the students more time to interact and share ideas and learning.

Finally, we’ll be serving up some of the best marketers in Atlanta as guest speakers. We have room for 2 more, so if you are a digital marketing rock star and have a strong desire to share your knowledge with the next generation of digital marketers, I’d love to hear from you. Pick your favorite topic that coincides with any subject on the DGM Syllabus, and we’ll make it happen.

Here we go, DGM4!

What do you think about that?

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