We are nearing the end of the 5th cohort of Digital Marketing at General Assembly. Our 15 new marketers will be delivering their final product on Wednesday evening at 7PM at GA at Ponce City Market in the form of a 5-minute presentation and a digital strategy document for a project that each student adopted. These projects may be their actual employer, their own business, or another business or nonprofit for whom they agreed to develop a strategy.

When we drop this project on each class on the first day of the 10-week class, there’s some trepidation and a lot of questions. Here are a few reasons that doing such a project is a great way to pull new marketers out of their comfort zone.

  • They’ve never done it before! – Telling someone they have to produce a full digital strategy and also present that strategy to an audience of their peers makes a lot of people nervous. What better way to get results!
  • Prepare and defend – Not only do they have to create a strategy document but standing up and presenting it to 20-30 people is a great way to make sure they are really familiar with all their options. And, we challenge every presentation with 5 minutes of Q&A.
  • Written and verbal – Believe it or not, “public speaking” is 2nd on most people’s fear list, right after death, so preparing for a 5-minute presentation requires a lot of preparation. Also, the presentation isĀ limited to 5 minutes, and like we do at Pitch Practice, we’ll be sounding the buzzer at the 5-minute mark. Cut the mic!
  • Real world projects – Every student has to have a real project, a real business or nonprofit, so we’re not making stuff up here. Real organizations can (and will!) benefit.
  • LIVE audience – There will be 20-30 people in the room, with food and adult beverages, so while we will enjoy ourselves, it’s still nerve-racking to present work that you created to any LIVE audience.

This is the third time I’ve led a DGM class, and “Demo Night” is always my favorite night. We’ll have food and beverage, and best of all, you can come, too! If you’d like to attend, please shoot me an email and I’ll make sure we have the right headcount. Demo Night is a great way to (a) see if your organization should invest in training its employees and (b) do some recruiting for new digital marketers.

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