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1-Day Digital Marketing Bootcamp @ GA

Next Saturday, May 2, we will be hosting a 1-Day Digital Marketing Bootcamp at General Assembly in Ponce City Market from 10am to 4pm.

After leading the 10-week part time Digital Marketing class this winter, we decided that a one-day, fast moving but hands on primer would be valuable to those who either (a) need to understand the language (e.g., talk the talk) about this juggernaut called “digital marketing” or (b) are considering a career as a digital marketing practitioner.

During the 6-hour class, for which lunch and snack will be provided, we will spend approximately an hour on each of the following topics.

  • Brand – If you aren’t intentional about defining your brand, the market will define it for you. Your brand is where your digital marketing strategy starts.
  • Metrics – If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage or change it. You can track just about anything in Google Analytics, and we’ll get you started.
  • Funnel – To measure your ROI, you must create a visual marketing funnel, from total reach to total revenue, set goals for your click and conversion rates.
  • Content – Every word you type, image you post, audio you podcast, video you stream, wherever you post them, is your content. Your content should reflect your brand and engage your target audience.
  • Ads – Buying Google Adwords or Facebook & Twitter ads is easier, more efficient, and more powerful than ever. Regardless of your budget, you should give these traffic-makers a try.
  • Calendar – What sets you free from the daily stress of social & digital? Your digital marketing and content calendars. Plan your campaigns, work your plans, and free yourself up to experiment.

At the end of the day, in addition to a well-deserved beer, you will have a full understanding of how to go about creating a digital marketing strategy, from brand to plan. You’ll definitely need to bring your laptop and be prepared to take lots of notes, so you can apply each of the lessons we’ll cover in these topics to your business.

Whether you’re working towards a job in DGM or need a solid understanding of the elements involved, the DGM Bootcamp will be a great investment of your Saturday, and you’ll be home in time to watch the Kentucky Derby!

Sign up here, and we’ll see you next Saturday.

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