And, we’re back. Finally! After earning an unprecedented net promoter score (NPS) of 100 the first time we ran the 5-day #martech marathon known as DGM Camp, we’re excited to run it again. DGM Camp 2 is taking place this fall in partnership with DigitalCrafts at Atlanta Tech Village.

Even though the first running of DGM Camp was a tremendous success, there was still room for improvement. I noted in the recap of the earlier class a few things that we’d be changing. Those included, but are not to be limited to:

  • The class will have a limit of 15 students (as of this announcement, we have 12 seats left)
  • Monday is WordPress day, all day, including SEO and plugins. Students will choose one of two WordPress themes so we can focus more on how to manipulate themes rather than which themes are better.
  • Tuesday is content day: blogging, podcasting, video, email. Last time, this day was just incredible. I hope we can make it even better.
  • Wednesday will be advertising: Adwords, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter
  • Thursday is Google Analytics day.
  • Friday will remain the same: Social Media & The Marketing Funnel, but with more cookies and Startup Chowdown
  • Students can work in teams to help each other learn

Thank you to the great folks at DigitalCrafts. We look forward to a great partnership. We’ll be announcing some sweet sponsorships, new instructors, and some other cool stuff for the class as well, so stay tuned!

Check out the full 5-day curriculum here, and reserve your seat here.


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