DGM2 Digital Demo Day

With only two sessions remaining before our Final Presentations in the Digital Marketing class at General Assembly, tonight we’ll be doing a rapid fire three hour review of the last 9 weeks. The final projects that the 18 future marketers have to complete consist of a full digital marketing strategy document (less than 10 pages) and a stand up presentation (less than 5 minutes) with slides to the class. I’ve positioned this presentation as a pitch of a digital marketing campaign to the “board of directors”, which will be the rest of the class, and anyone else who wants to attend.

That’s right, this is a demo day for our new digital marketers, and you’re invited. We’ll have beer, food, great company, and 18 short but fantastic presentations.

Here’s what we’ve covered in since the last week in January, and what we’re thoroughly reviewing tonight.

  • Your Brand – where everything starts. What do you stand for? Why are you even in business? How will you treat your customers, users, employees?
  • Measuring & Metrics – there are certain metrics that any SaaS company must keep a close eye on. What does your business need to measure when it comes to digital marketing?
  • The Marketing Funnel – everybody’s got a marketing funnel. Does yours end with email subscribers, customers, users? What kind of exposure do you need to bring enough visitors to your website so your conversion rate and average order amount brings you your revenue goal?
  • Owned Content – what’s in your content arsenal – blogs, video, images, technical data – and how will you publish that content?
  • Paid Content / Ads – Where are your customers? That’s where you should be buying ads, but how do you know where they are? Facebook? Google? Twitter? Find out through small experiments, then stomp on the gas.
  • The Marketing Calendar – every marketer’s best friend. If you’re going to market with content, and we all do, whether we know it or not, then we must have a content marketing calendar. It’s as simple as a spreadsheet.

So join us from 630 – 930 on Thursday April 2, at General Assembly at Ponce City Market. Yes, free beer, but you might also find your next great marketer. Either way, you’ll get a solid dose of what new marketers are learning.

What do you think about that?